Three Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Money

For any relationship to blossom, we must be committed to examining our part in the relationship and resolving our emotional shite before we blame the other.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (where 10 represents both you and money genuinely understanding one another), how would you rate your relationship with money?

Based on your answer above, are you experiencing a nurturing relationship with money? Or are you and money bringing out the worst in each other?

Here are three things you don’t want to hear about money:

1. Money is energy.

Money is energy and it responds to feelings (emotional meanings) we assign to it. Positive feelings attract and negative feelings repel.

2. Money always gravitates to the dominant feeling.

If our dominant feeling about money is a positive feeling, such as joy or gratitude, we energetically attract more money to us.

3. How we feel about money directly dictates how many dollars we get to enjoy.

Because money itself is neutral.

What this means for you is:

1. You and money are in a relationship, and relationships are a two-way street.

2. In all your relationships, you get what you put in.

3. You are 100% emotionally responsible for your money situation.

With that in mind …

What Do You Need Right Now to Nurture Your Relationship With Money?

Nurturing our relationship with money has many advantages, including:

  1. Understanding how we dominantly feel about money and why we feel that way;
  2. Removing the overwhelm so many of us feel about money;
  3. Seeing money as a tool rather than as a stress creator;
  4. Attracting more and greater business opportunities;
  5. Harvesting more money and replanting more of the good stuff in our lives etc.

Are You Ready?

My name is Anne Beaulieu. As a Strategic Planning Facilitator and Implementation Strategist, I combine what very few are equipped to do: Emotional Intelligence skills + Financial Management understanding. I am an established Business Consultant as well as a Finance Economist and Chartered Financial Analyst.



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